MetP Pharma AG is a proof-of-concept company well established in the pharmaceutical industry to develop nasal application forms. We bring projects to a stage where therapeutic efficacy and drug safety are shown (including pre-clinical and clinical phase I and II).

If you are looking for a promising product, a nasal formulation suitable for your molecule, an innovative device, a novel technology, licensing of intellectual property and product rights MetP Pharma AG is your contact. In this regard our platform can provide:

1.  A matrix

  • Versatile, for various active pharmaceutical ingredients and demands
  • Stable and essentially flavorless
  • Proven efficacy and safety
  • Providing rapid and sustained pharmacological action
  • Straightforward production

2.  A mono-dose container
  • Adjustable dosing volume
  • Meets requirements for dosage uniformity
  • Safe application (no contamination, no risk of abuse)
  • Easy, fast and discrete administration

3.  A filling unit pertaining to matrix and container.

4.  Finished products between Preclinical Phase and Clinical Phase II.