Product development quite often focuses on molecule or formulation only, thus often underestimating the choice of a suitable application device. Such devices deliver the formulation in a reliable way (dose uniformity, stability), are easy to use (especially in view of the indication), safe (microbiology, preventing drug abuse/misuse) and, last but not least, are uncomplicated in registration process.

For its own products and for out-licensing MetP has developed a unique unit-dose container for the application of semi-solid dosage forms. Each container is hermetically sealed and equipped with a twist-off closure; one unit, intended for administration to one nostril, can precisely deliver amounts ranging from 50.0 mg to 150.0 mg of formulation. Application can be done discretely and within seconds.

MetP has also developed a unit-dose filling and closing machine for this device which is available.

The whole technology is patent-protected and has been qualified.