MetP Pharma AG’s proprietary R&D is dedicated to endogenous neuro-endocrinological substances that play an essential role in well-known diseases.

In seeking to identify and manipulate age- or disease-related deterioration of CNS-functions, MetP Pharma AG focuses on essential neurosteroids and neurotransmitters.

It is obvious that imbalances in one hormone can quickly translate into imbalances in many other hormones. For almost all neuroendocrine substances the present-day therapeutic approaches are still very limited. Both systemic bioavailability after oral application as well as targeting the brain are still problems that have not been satisfactorily solved until today.

In addition, drugs that are being used give more or less constant exposure over the day which is not in agreement with normal physiology and may thus cause unwanted side-effects.

Much more tailor-made application forms are required that follow normal physiology.

Intranasal dosing has the capability to satisfy a number of the needs associated with this requirement.