Androstenedione is the common precursor of the androgen testosterone and the estrogens estrone and estradiol. One problem of androgenic substitution is the prevention of down regulation of endocrinal testosterone synthesis. A possible way to resolve this problem is to use low doses of a suitable testosterone precursor administered through the nose to avoid first-pass metabolism and to minimize the influences on the endocrinal regulation processes.

Although androstenedione e.g. is the principal steroid produced by the postmenopausal ovary, its usefulness is still controversially discussed. The American former professional baseball player Mark McGwire made androstenedione well known after admitting to using the product on his way to breaking the home-run record in 1998. It seems however unlikely that androstenedione provides an anabolic benefit, it rather has a mental effect: Thus as gonadal hormone it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome but on the other hand, also being a neurosteroid, it seems to diminish stress and enhance concentration, leading to fast and more success-orientated decisions.

  • Currently there is no registered androstenedione product available; so far it was applied orally in doses of 100 – 300 mg. MetP’s Androstenedione Nasal Gel is fast absorbed without first-pass hepatic and intestinal metabolism and therefore can be applied in much lower and safer doses.